The Landing 

This established garden spans two hectares and takes its name from a landing built into the creek that runs down the side of the property. The rest of the five-hectare property is leased as a commercial market garden.

35b Pokohiwi Rd, Homebush


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The surrounding land used to be called Bamford’s Garden and was home to a test orchard for apple varieties – a selection of these heritage test varieties remains to the left of the ornamental cherry-lined driveway along with several citrus varieties.

To the right of the driveway is a small home vineyard which encompasses the tree-lined walkway to the perfect ornamental church window mirror sculpture. There are quince trees here that produce prolific flowers in late spring with a stunning scent turning into beautiful, plump, scented fruit by Autumn. You may not know but quince is considered an emblem of happiness, love and fruitfulness – perfect for a wedding venue.

Behind the mirror sculpture lies a plethora of mature fruit and nut trees. The eclectic orchard continues to the right of the function venue winding through to the pin oaks and the carpark edged with vegetation.

The current owners of The Landing have meticulously maintained and added to the already-established garden. Of particular interest to them has been restoring the woodland walkway and creek area. On the last tour this work was only beginning. You’ll be able to see the changes that letting more light into this area has already made.

There is an expansive green lawn and a…

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… triple arch (clad in ivy, jasmine and honeysuckle). The cute gazebo is surrounded with roses, lilies, camellias, hydrangeas, astromelias and abutilons.

This garden has ample parking and toilets. It’s also a flat, accessible site for wheelchairs. There will be a few garden stalls at this garden, and John and Beng will also be offering tea, coffee and refreshments which were such a treat last north tour. Bring cash to enjoy refreshments in the garden.