The 2018 tour has ended.

The 2019 tour will feature Wairarapa gardens on November 9 & 10.

Details will follow in 2019, but for now, enjoy the 2018 gardens shown here!

This two day, self-drive garden tour features beautiful and unique gardens from around Wairarapa.

We’re excited to bring you old favourites and some new gardens that have never been open to the public before!


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Holbrook Forest Garden

The Holbrook family have bold plans to convert their 2.46 hectare farmland paddocks into an organic food forest and flower farm. Planting began in earnest in 2016 with visionary Heidi at the helm.

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Over 35 years Awariki (little river) has evolved from an old farm cottage into a family home and ornamental garden with stunning specimen trees. Paper birches line the driveway of David and Lesley Marsh’s five-hectare lifestyle block.

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Native Tree Garden

Fourteen years ago Phil Keinzley had a vision to turn four hectares of farmland into a native tree garden to bring the birds, insects and eels to his land.

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The Roundhouse

Over 19 years Brett Harman has channelled his creativity into a unique one and a quarter acre section on the edge of Carterton. His gardening and house-building journey were recognised nationally when he won the TV competition ‘My house My Castle’ in 2004.

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Grand Illusions

This small 800 square metre garden packs a punch. Though small in area, it’s grand in stature and finds space for a series of themed rooms ranging in style from colonial to contemporary.

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Casita Flora

Casita Flora is a stunning example of bold, structural plantings. Owner Juliet Guerrero says when it comes to her gardening style, ‘diversity is what she’s all about.’

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