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October 11th: A new garden is revealed! Explore Casita Flora.

October 16th: A new garden is revealed! Explore Grand Illusion.

This two day, self-drive garden tour features beautiful and unique gardens from around Wairarapa.

We’re excited to bring you old favourites and some new gardens that have never been open to the public before!


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Grand Illusions

This small 800 square metre garden packs a punch. Though small in area, it’s grand in stature and finds space for a series of themed rooms ranging in style from colonial to contemporary.

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Casita Flora

Casita Flora is a stunning example of bold, structural plantings. Owner Juliet Guerrero says when it comes to her gardening style, ‘diversity is what she’s all about.’

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The Doctor’s House

The meandering woodland garden belonging to Kathryn Seagrave and Jeremy Thompson was once home to three generations of doctors. The Historic Places Trust house is still connected to the old private hospital through a green door and ivy-clad fence.

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Garden for Life

With only 400 square metres to play with, passionate and innovative gardener Helen Dew designed “Garden for Life” for maximum and sustainable food production.

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Kokotau Road

Gardener Graeme Wilson and his wife Kate have been developing their two-hectare property on Kokotau Road on the outskirts of Carterton for the past 14 years. It has evolved from an almost tree-less property to a wonderful oasis of twists and turns and surprises hidden away in private pockets.

Richmond Garden

This rare historic beauty is a chance to see a little slice of Europe tucked away near the town centre of Carterton. Carterton’s first town clerk, Henry Wolters of Brunswick Germany built the villa in 1887 and named it after Richmond Palace in Brunswick near where he was born.

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This rural Carterton garden beneath the Tararuas benefits from a high annual rainfall and has to stand up to strong winds. Over 13 years, Anna and Malcolm have transformed a bare paddock into a lush oasis of native bush.

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Te Puhi

Nestled beneath the Remutaka ranges is the enchanting and historic 1868 homestead of Mary and Peter Biggs, Te Puhi.

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Kotare (kingfisher) have flitted about the gardens of Amanda and John Perham wherever they have lived, and the couple have become very attached to this sweet little blue and green bird.

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Old Tablelands

Twenty years ago Liz Stringer and Rob Morrison purchased the property and began an ambitious project to establish a series of formal and informal gardens, with a sweeping cherry tree-lined lawn, croquet lawn with herbaceous borders, a sunken garden, orchard, and picking garden.

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