Stoneway Garden

Carrying a piece of history with them Lynn and Grant’s property is named ‘STONEWAY’ which comes from Grant’s grandmother’s house.

In 2002 the house was moved from its original position very close to the main highway to its current position today – In those early days of owning the property they started the long process of landscaping the very bare land around the house, over a 100 truck loads of fill were used in creating a bund for privacy, and today, clean fill is still being received to level areas.

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In 2006 Lynn and Grant had the opportunity to purchase a half-acre block adjacent to their fence line thus increasing the property size. Over the years this once bare paddock has been transformed into a wonderful private B&B cottage (Stoneway Cottage) with line chip pathways, all lined with river rocks for guests to meander through the more than 1800 natives Lynn and Grant have planted. A small stone-clad brook runs off from the neighbouring lake, and the sound of Pukekos and other native creatures can be heard on your bush walk.

Another feature of their wonderful property is the sound of running water of Booth Creek. The creek is fully rocked on both sides with the placing of over 2500 rocks over an 8-year period. Booths Creek runs through the front of the property. This provides a border between the front lawn and the bush behind, creating a natural feature that compliments the peace and tranquillity of the native plantings, and a stunning view from the front deck of the 100-year-old house.

The 2.5ha property boasts mature native planting, an old original shed and a few relics of old-time wagon wheels and an old horse-pulled plough found in the scrub in those earlier days. Lynn and Grant have incorporated these into the landscape design bringing more rustic farm cottage charm to the garden.

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The native walkways have been planted to be low maintenance, with the smaller trees creating a canopy inviting plenty of bird life to accompany trail walkers. Mulching has been a staple practice to manage weeds until the canopy takes over this essential job.

Along with the native walk is an impressive Roman-style bricked cooks garden that enhances the view from the kitchen. The focal point is the red wooden telephone booth a quirky piece of history that has travelled with the owners residing in two of their properties.

There are fruit trees, sculptures and floral gardens dotted around the property creating some formality in the garden.

In 2020 Lynn and Grant’s shed won the Resene Shed of the year. The building style seamlessly fits into the property and frames the raised Roman-style vegetable gardens. More lime chip ties the gardens into the walkways.

As you walk around this native garden you will feel the peace and tranquillity that Lynn and Grant have intentionally created on this beautiful low maintenance property.

Lynn will also be selling her homemade muesli “Wildchix Muesli” – yes, made on-site in their commercial kitchen!