Richmond Garden

This rare historic beauty is a chance to see a little slice of Europe tucked away near the town centre of Carterton.

The 4 hectare property of Richmond Garden once housed Carterton’s first town clerk, Henry Wolters of Brunswick Germany. Wolters built the villa in 1887 and named it after Richmond Palace in Brunswick near where he was born.

For 20 years, the property was owned by Melanie and John Greenwood. A self-taught gardener with a passion for the renaissance gardens of Europe, Melanie wanted to create a peaceful relaxing garden that invited visitors to walk and explore.

The garden was also designed to be viewed from the house so that the symmetry and form of the topiary hedges and European beech could be appreciated from every room.


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Melanie’s desire to reflect the architecture of the house in the formality of the garden can still be seen today. Though the boxwood nursery left with her, it is still evident throughout Richmond Garden and it lives on in other places like the Teddy Bears picnic at Old Tablelands in Martinborough.

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One of the secrets to the harmony and sense of tranquillity of Richmond Garden is the use of evergreens and only a handful of varieties of deciduous European trees. In Autumn, the hornbeam hedges bring a warm, wintry coppery glow to the grounds.  Linden limes are used throughout, in varying forms, and a water parterre, 56 metres long with a reflection pool is soothing in the heat of summer. The bronze fountain at the end pool is a replica of one in Madrid.

The garden’s current owner Tim Clarke says he appreciates the distinct colours and textures that each season brings to the simplicity of the garden and enjoys sharing the history and charm of Richmond with family and friends.

Beautiful blooms of peonies and Irises will be in flower in November. Stroll among these flower beds, herb and vegetable gardens when you explore the wider grounds, near the horse stables and tennis court.

This garden will be one to wander slowly in and relax as you take a turn around the reflection pool. Richmond Garden is a unique chance to experience a piece of history with European formality and elegance in the Wairarapa.