The Roundhouse

Over 19 years Brett Harman has channelled his creativity into a unique one and a quarter acre section on the edge of Carterton. His gardening and house-building journey were recognised nationally when he won the TV competition ‘My House, My Castle’ in 2004.

It was always Brett’s plan to create the house and garden together. Looking from the inside out onto the formal green courtyard towards a bespoke Wisteria covered seat for two makes for a soothing sight.

Always a tinkerer and problem solver, Brett’s garden journey began as a teenager where he developed a love of house plants. Painting his bedroom walls green, and spending time outside in his shed, he learned to appreciate the sense of calm and order gardens can bring.

Brett gains satisfaction from re-purposing, up-cycling and breathing new life into old things. You’ll see lots of garden sculptures and structures in this garden.


Bus Friendly

Plantings in The Roundhouse garden are inspired partly by Brett’s childhood: an avenue of majestic Grandiflora magnolias is a nod to growing up in the Hawke’s Bay. His favourite part of the garden is the Totara glen. Underplanted with red hot pokers, it’s striking in summer – and the tui love to feed here.

He’s most proud of the Leighton Green cypress hedge that stands tall and true along the western boundary. It took many years to grow and now offers privacy and a sense of intrigue about what lies behind it.