The Paddock

Stepping into this beautiful garden you might think it has been professionally designed. The garden is Judy’s passion and the lawns are Trevor’s domain. The majority of the plants have been sourced from Judy’s friends’ gardens or propagated by Judy herself.

128 Willow Park Drive

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A bare 3-acre paddock in 2008 was begging for some structure. The first cab off the rank was to plant the boundary with poplars, Alnus cordata (Italian Alder), Japanese Torcha Willow and evergreens: red robins, Totara and Tasmanian Blackwoods. Now 15 years on these mature trees not only provide the intended privacy but also a lovely backdrop for the rest of the garden. The boundary trees are pruned every year to preserve the view of the Tararua ranges.

You might also look at the meticulously neat lawns and think that these have been purposefully sown with lawn seed – not so! The grass is the same paddock grass that has been lovingly cared for, weeded, and maintained by Trevor and his trusty ride-on mower. The flower beds were designed with curves in mind – Judy’s appreciation of Trevor’s lawn meant that curves were much easier to mow around, and Trevor has snuck in a golf chipping green in the design. (Note: you won’t be able to see the golf course because it messes with the neatness of the lawn – Trevor only mows it just before Christmas day.) Each week Trevor mows the lawn in a different pattern to keep them looking unique.

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Judy is a prolific propagator – a corner of the veggie garden is a dedicated nursery, (one could say that a corner of the nursery is a veggie garden!) and hothouse. Outside the kitchen door is the permaculture herb garden with perennial wild rocket, sage, oregano, spring onions, self-sown tomatoes, chives, celery etc.

All the box hedging in the garden has been grown from cuttings and there are over 200 roses in the garden, the majority of these propagated from cuttings grown by Judy. Recently Judy has added a Scented Rose Avenue which is the prefect spot for picnicking – So bring your picnic and rejuvenate alongside the scented rose avenue.

Judy has a favour to ask our garden tourers: she propagated a beautiful pink rose from a friend’s garden who can’t remember its name – will you know it? Hopefully, it will be out in time for you to put a name to the rose.