This is a garden that has come of age. Planted a decade ago, this 1.1 ha elevated section is not far from Masterton but enjoys a quiet rural outlook over a neighbouring deer farm.

51 Tararua Drive


Refreshmentssales availableWheelchair accessible

The gardens were designed 10 years ago by local landscaper Rachel Callaghan.

Today, the garden is owned and tended to by Kurt and Greg who purchased the property four years ago. New drought-tolerant species have been added (in consultation with Rachel) and bespoke garden features; obelisks, birdbaths and earthen sculptures.

With long dry summers, the garden has been designed with dry loving plants in mind like cotton lavender (Santolina Chamaecyparissus), Sedum spectabile, Dietes Grandiflora, New Zealand rock lily; bay laurel, bearded irises, euphorbia, and wild irises.  In Spring the garden pops with colour: purples, yellows and reds from irises and rhododendrons. With a contemporary style of outdoor ‘rooms’  lime paths guide you through enchanting meditative spaces with fountains, birdbaths, a giant outdoor chess set, an edible garden of raised beds, citrus and lavender, fruit trees and roses.

A repeating theme throughout are clipped balls of pittosporum, buxus, even magnolia michelia creating form and structure. Kurt ensures the spheres are trimmed regularly with a good handheld Stihl trimmer around six times a year.

Now the garden is reaching maturity, new plants are being added and some editing continues to enhance the original design. As with all gardens, it continues to evolve and adapt to new climatic conditions.  Kurt says their long-term vision is to create an easy-care formula allowing visual pleasure throughout the seasons.

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Greg and Kurt plan the gardening together. With busy lives, they look ahead each season to see which areas of the garden may need extra attention. They schedule mass planting during winter and make time for seasonal jobs like tree pruning.

They aim to take an ecological approach to challenges (rabbits are a common problem) – wire enclosures protect young shrubs and roses. Their top tip is to mulch, mulch, mulch. Each year Kurt estimates they use up to 7cubic metres to retain moisture and suppress weeds.

Kurt will be selling his homemade wooden obelisks and unique garden ornaments.

Tea and coffee are available for a gold coin donation.