Ali and John Gordon have raised their four children in this beautiful private yet open and spacious setting.  They have shared the garden and grounds with their extended family and friends, their pets and the wider local community.

131 Willow Park Drive


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Describing the garden as “a little bit town and a little bit country” they are grateful to the original owners who worked with a designer on the foundation concepts for the property.  Many large specimen trees were planted that everyone has enjoyed, particularly now they have reached maturity.  It was these foundations that have led John and Ali to extend and enhance the boarders with more trees, perennials and seasonal annuals.

While this garden is not set out in formal rooms as such, it does surprise and delight visitors ( and ourselves) as we turn corners and enjoy new vistas.  Taking a guide from landscape designers Ali and John have endeavoured to encompass the “what’s around the corner?” idea in their garden.

In the back half of the garden there are a number of raised bed vegetable plots, berry fruits and a Feijoa hedge which supplys a year-round supply of fresh produce. There are also a number of pip and stone fruit trees surrounding the tennis court which are very productive – this is a clever use of space and shows the little bit of country meets the town. The olive trees were harvested for oil for many years, while the oil is delicious, it is a time-consuming task so now it’s the beautiful goat family who enjoy the olive branch prunings each day.

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There is a small regenerating bush block away from the garden which Ali and John have taken up as a challenge to return to its natural beauty. You can see 100’s of native plants potted up in the small nursery on the eastern fence line in preparation for planting in this section. It is an ongoing long-term goal but a journey both Ali and John are enjoying.

Ali and John love their garden for its natural beauty and for the happy times it provides “gardens and plants give us so much and only ask for a little of our time in return” they hope you enjoy their garden as much as they do.