Muddy Boots Allotment

10 years ago Toni Cathie bought a 110 year old home on half an acre of grass. She spent the next six months pulling out the unkept hedge that suffocated the property, then started collecting the large boulders which now border the garden.

224 Main Street

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Several stunning mature trees were initially what drew her attention to the property and she is  proud to be guardian to a giant rimu, kowhai, tītoki, puriri, copper beech, various maples, a stunning strawberry tree (in the front garden) and an 80 year old kauri. 

The sweeping path which leads guests to the front door and the beautiful white wisteria above the verandah took Toni four hours to map out using an old rope and then the next month digging so the bricks could be laid. The french lavender which borders the path is alive with bees in the summer and is a delight for the senses. 

Toni was then joined by Brad from the UK, and the Muddy Boots Allotment idea took hold.

Muddy Boots Potting Shed is the engine room of the garden and Brad’s ‘Happy place’. It’s here that all the vegetables and flower seedlings are grown and cared for before they make their way into the garden or get shared amongst friends and family. Toni and Brad’s love of vintage collectables can be seen throughout the garden: wagon wheels, old rollers and garden tools as well as an old 1860 Morrocan vegetable cart which becomes the food hub for parties.