Jenny’s Garden 

First time ever open to the public, this garden has been lovingly and carefully planted by Jenny Borman. It was her passion and as you will see, she sure was passionate and boy did she know plants.

Walk through the elegantly designed entrance, over the hand-built stone bridge and into a beautifully landscaped garden designed to complement the architecturally designed home and bring together the existing mature trees.

33 Takahe Street,

Wheelchair accessible Sales available

One such tree is a Canary Islands Olive, Picconia excelsa – this may be the only one in NZ and Is on the rare tree register.  Jenny maintained a list of all the plants in the garden together with notes on planting and growth for each plant – this is how dedicated she was to her garden.

She also cared meticulously for the garden next door, wiping out the wandering dew and encouraging all forms of birdlife back to her home, and the reserve next door.  You won’t be able to pop next door on the tour, but Jenny’s husband Dave built a gate in the wall specially to give Jenny access to the reserve effectively extending their own paradise.

The pond was quickly and sturdily covered when grandchildren arrived and you’ll notice various sculptures and garden designs scattered around – the majority of these have a wee story behind them – usually something that Dave has preserved from a demolition or a building site!

Jenny’s Garden is…

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… spray-free (maybe a bit of oil on the citrus) and Dave actively traps rats and possums to support the birdlife.  It is Dave’s intention to maintain Jenny’s garden, adding a few bits and pieces here and there when necessary, which is what Jenny would have wanted. We know you will enjoy and appreciate Jenny’s garden, a sanctuary in the middle of town, as much as we do.

Resident gardener and green thumb Grant Harper will be selling his clivia bulbs at this garden so remember to bring cash!