Helen Dew’s Garden for Life

New to the garden tour is a tiny garden packed with edibles.

With only 400 square metres to play with, passionate and innovative gardener Helen Dew designed it for maximum and sustainable food production.

Helen is a bit famous in Carterton. Earlier this year, she received the Charles Rooking Carter award for her outstanding and innovative service to the community over many years. She’s well-known and celebrated for her energy and commitment to building community through a love of gardening.

Helen also features in a documentary, Living the Change which tells the stories of New Zealanders taking action to address climate change.

She draws inspiration from a passion to be responsible about growing her own food. She likes to know where it comes from, and enjoys sharing her excess with the community.


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Building this garden from scratch has been a challenge, beginning with the need to downsize and leave her family home and well-established quarter acre garden of 60 years.

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Ever stoic, Helen rose to the challenge, harnessing help from experts and friends in the community. Water collection was put in; a bore and a small rainwater tank, a tunnel house was installed to allow year-round propagating, and espaliered and miniaturised fruit trees and vines were planted.

Flowering plants, bulbs, orchids and a fountain sculpture provide bee food and beauty throughout the seasons.
Helen has used Evergrow root-training bags throughout her orchard to promote prolific fruiting and keep the trees small.

Evergrow bags, plants and seeds will be for sale.

Helen has a wealth of knowledge and loves to share it with gardeners of all ages.