Casita Flora

Casita Flora is a stunning example of bold, structural plantings. Owner Juliet Guerrero says when it comes to her gardening style, ‘diversity is what she’s all about.’

You won’t find annuals here. Instead, the contrasting foliage and strappiness of trickier-to-grow subtropical plants and succulents hug the spaces in her small urban garden in Carterton.

Inspired by her grandmother and mother, Juliet plants from memories of her childhood. She and her mother often spent days together in the garden, and still do. As a teenager, Juliet gardened and had a healthy rivalry with friends over whose garden was best.


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Several flowering cherries stand along the fenceline of the front garden. When the Spring blossom comes it brings the tuis in flocks to feed on the sweet nectar. Sometimes she finds up to six tui in a single tree. Bringing birds into Casita Flora is one of Juliet’s greatest joys of her garden.

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Other delights include agaves,  euphorbias, Soloman’s seal, a beautiful black boy peach, and a japonica with cream flowers. She’s proud of the combination of diversity of plants that co-exist in Casita Flora.

Hand-made birdhouses, perennials and succulents will be for sale. Eftpos is available.