When Pam and her husband Carl arrived from the UK 14 years ago to Masterton, they swapped their cottage garden for a quarter acre urban grassed section on the flat.

Mature neighbouring trees cast a heavy shade over their property, so they factored this into their plan – housing sheds on the shady side.

5 Te Ore Ore Road

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Inspired by English Gardens, and pioneer designer Gertrude Jekyll, the Torringtons set to creating a series of rooms to bring a little bit of England closer to home.

One of Gertrude’s gardening principles is that gardens should be slowly revealed – leading visitors through – rather than being visible all at once. She also encouraged height in gardens– not just from trees, but from structures – trellis, archways, walls to connect different areas.

Albion Garden has discrete areas – shrubbery, a shade garden, roses and a perennial border, a walled vegetable garden and a Japanese garden.

You’ll see rustic gates, driftwood screens, brick paths (from locally demolished chimneys) and idiosyncratic art throughout. This is Carl’s contribution – he loves to repurpose materials to bring  structure to the garden.

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The vege garden maximises space with seven raised beds, espaliered pears, apple and plum trees. Berries are plentiful too, plus a big fig tree, two grape vines and persimmons. Somehow they all manage to fit the compact space.

Expect to see plenty of colour with climbing flowering roses, a rare tree peony, clematis, day lilies, irises and japonica in bloom.

Listening to the sounds of cascading water from any of the three water features is a relaxing treat for Carl and Pam – a private and peaceful place to call home.

Albion is a newcomer to the garden tour – it is the first time opening to the public, and Pūkaha is very grateful for the support.